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To: Curtin University

Save SODA: Don't Cut School of Design and Art at Curtin University

Curtin University management is planning to cut the School of Design and Art and merge it into SOBE (School of Built Environment) and MCCA (Media, Culture and Creative Arts).

Design and Arts students have not been consulted or informed.

We are calling on the university to SAVE SODA:
• No cuts to SODA staff (teaching and admin)
• No cuts to our arts spaces and facilities
• No cuts to design and arts courses
• Retain the School of Design and Art

Please like SAVE SODA on facebook at to get involved with the campaign

Why is this important?

Curtin University management is prioritising revenue over student's learning conditions and staff's teaching conditions.

Tell Curtin University that they cannot ignore their students - we want guarantees that staff, facilities, courses and contact hours will not be reduced, and for the School of Design and Art to stay.




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