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To: Premier Daniel Andrews and Education Minister Natalie Hutchins

Save teachers' jobs!

The Australian Education Union Victorian Branch has welcomed the announcement that the Andrews Government will not cut visiting teacher positions.

Education Minister Hutchins has listened to the calls of AEU members, parents/carers, and schools, with the decision ensuring that public school students with significant additional needs will continue to receive the critical education and support provided by visiting teachers.

“This is an important win for our members and the students, their families, and schools they work with. AEU members are congratulated for all their efforts to campaign against these cuts.

“By highlighting the important role visiting teachers play in our schools, we have been able to ensure the continuation of this important program,” said Victorian Branch President Meredith Peace.

“Visiting teachers are expert, specialised teachers who play a crucial role in our public schools and help ensure that students in need get the supports they require to thrive academically and socially.

“We are pleased the Minister has genuinely engaged with the AEU, parents, disability advocacy groups, families and the community and taken this proposal off the table.

“And this Union win ensures that visiting teachers will continue to play an important role across Victoria’s public schools,” Ms Peace said.

Premier Daniel Andrews and Education Minister Natalie Hutchins are considering sacking some of the most expert teachers in Victoria. Visiting Teachers' jobs are at risk of being cut, meaning that too many Victorian students with the highest needs, and their families, will miss out on the support they require.

Sacking teachers in the middle of a state-wide teacher shortage crisis makes no sense. It will add to teacher, principal, and support staff workloads, and cause even more teachers to leave our schools.

Why is this important?

Visiting teachers play a crucial role in supporting students, staff, and families. Cutting many of these roles will directly affect students’ learning and wellbeing. Premier Andrews and Minister Hutchins must stop these cuts and instead invest in teachers and students.

Visiting Teachers are highly trained experts who work directly with students with disability and complex needs. They support students who are vision and hearing impaired, have physical disabilities, autism, and health impairments.

Visiting teachers also work alongside classroom teachers providing advice and support, and model best practice. In addition, they provide direct support to families so their children can access school and thrive.

Premier Andrews - you said that you would not cut frontline jobs but by sacking teachers that is exactly what you and your government are planning to do.

By adding your name to the petition together we can tell the Premier and Education Minister to reverse this decision immediately.

Victoria, Australia

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