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To: Griffith University

Save the Griffith Safe Space

This campaign has ended.

Save the Griffith Safe Space

The Griffith University Student Representative Council in conjunction with the Griffith University Queer Society is pushing for the establishment of a permanent room for everyone who fits under the LGBTIQA+ umbrella to call their own. The SRC and the Queer Society see the establishment of a permanent room as an indispensable aspect of university wellbeing as it is essential to student welfare, student advocacy and campus culture.

Why is this important?

At present the University administration believes the presence of a "safe space" would suggest that university campuses are not in fact safe. This is a ridiculous assumption. We believe that all students should be free from discrimination and vilification and at present the University Executive will not support the provision of a permanent and designated room for LGBTIQA+ students.

Spaces such as these are found right across the nation in universities of all sizes from Tasmania to the Northern Territory. They are imperative for the wellbeing of all LGBTIQA+ students no matter where they fit under the umbrella. The successful continuation of a safe space will ensure that Griffith stays in line with the Group of Eight and all progressive and inclusive universities across Australia.

Reasons for signing

  • Because no one knows where people's paths to this present moment in time, no one walks in someone else's shoes and sadly not even the best friends. We all walk mentally, alone. However these spaces allow us to have support easily from those accepting friends, it allows our silence in our own head to become empowered and to strengthen in will. These spaces give hope, they give love, and they give chances for more empowered and passionate futures!!
  • Repressing my identity as a gay man so I felt loved by my family and fit in at school was a deeply traumatic experience. The trauma of that invalidation followed me long after I came out. These spaces gave me the confidence to live my more authentically, without feeling like I had to fit into or even run away from stereotypes and to love myself for who I was. It’s had an incredible impact on my life, and would be an absolute travesty for Griffith to take it away from another young person.
  • Everyone is entitled to have somewhere they can feel comfortable, secure and appreciated - these safe spaces give the people that need them somewhere to go when they are feeling ostracised. The reasoning behind taking them away "suggests the university isn't a safe place" is ridiculous. As someone who isn't even apart of the LGBTIQA+ community I have felt unsafe on campus simply as a female, therefore I would never support the removal of a space such as this.


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