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To: Griffith University

Save the Griffith University Post Office & Stop the Cuts to Services

We want the Griffith University Administration (Mr Colin McAndrew & Ms Nicola Collier-Jackson) to cease their actions to remove the Griffith University Post Office. We also call upon the University Administration to cease their monopolisation and corporatisation of vital student services.

Why is this important?

For the last 12 months the Griffith University Administration has been pushing a greed fuelled campaign to cut vital student services (Welfare & Academic Assistance) including but not limited to monopolising the services provided to students. So as to charge students even more for their food, drink & services whilst on campus.

Two days before Christmas 2016 the Griffith Administration sent a disgusting letter to the owners of Griffith Post Office stating the Post Office would either be forced to comply with strict uncompetitive trade restrictions or face a University push to not renew the lease. Leaving students and staff with none of the vital services provided by current owners for the past 13 years. This is all due to the University's desires to establish a full monopoly on the sale of food and drink on campus.

The University Administration has also sought to cut vital services such as welfare funding, and staff numbers for the sake of improving the bottom line of the University's budget. It is sickening that Griffith University is a public institution and is promoting these moves to further corporatise a place of education at the expense of both students and staff.

The Students and Staff of Griffith University are sick of this corporatist agenda. We therefore call on the Uni to cease its sickening attacks on the Griffith Post Office and their cuts to vital student services.




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