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To: Therapeutic Goods Administration

Save women’s lives: ban the dangerous Diane-35 drug

Save women’s lives: ban the dangerous Diane-35 drug

This drug has a higher risk of life threatening blood clots than modern, safer alternatives.

If Diane-35 isn’t banned outright then:
• restrict prescribing to specialists, or require GPs to obtain a specific Authority to Prescribe
• require blood tests to rule out genetic disorders which increase the risk of blood clots before a patient starts taking it
• put warnings on packets so women know it is NOT approved as a contraceptive in Australia.

Ban Diane-35 to stop Australian women needlessly being harmed or killed by this dangerous drug, which increases the risk of deadly blood clots.

Why is this important?

Nearly a year ago a 64cm blood clot almost killed my healthy 20 year-old daughter, Elanor, after she was prescribed an old and dangerous drug, Diane-35.

Diane-35 is also marketed under the names Brenda-35, Carolyn-35, Chelsea-35, Estelle-35, Ginette-35, Juliet-35, Katie-35, Laila-35 and Dermapil.

Since talking publicly of our experience I’ve been deluged with horror stories of life threatening or fatal blood clots by families from across Australia.

I’ve researched the issues and met with health regulatory authorities and professional bodies.

This drug has never been approved for use in the USA and was actually banned in Europe in 2013 after too many women died from blood clots, and only reintroduced with tough restrictions.

Yet it’s routinely prescribed to unknown thousands of Australian women without proper warnings, education or consideration of safer, modern alternatives.

Reasons for signing

  • I took Diane-35 on and off since I was 15 (now 28). Last year I was diagnosed with multiple blood clots in my lungs. It was upsetting as I had just finished my first season of women’s footy and was feeling the fittest I had ever been. It has now been nearly 6 months since being diagnosed. I still have pain in my chest most days. Unfortunately, I was never warned of the dangers. Whenever I went to renew my script my doctors would maybe test my blood pressure but that was it.
  • I developed a blood clot in my left leg from ankle to pelvis while on this Pill. It was 2012 and I was 26 living in London at the time. It caused multi Pulmonary Embolisms on my lungs and acute compartment syndrome in my left calf which required an emergency fasciotomy to save my leg. Overall, I spent 7 weeks in a London hospital. The scars on my legs still remain more than 5 years on. Tests revealed I DID NOT carry the gene for blood clotting. I will celebrate the day this pill is banned.
  • My daughter was using Estelle 35 prescribed by her GP. She ended up in ICU with a massive bleed in her brain and multiple blood clots in the brain. Specialists conclusion was Estelle 35 that nearly caused her death


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