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To: Wyndham City Council

Save Wyndham Carols by Candlelight

Save Wyndham Carols by Candlelight

To the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Wyndham,

A few weeks ago it was announced online that the organisers of Wyndham Carols by Candlelight at the Werribee Mansion have decided to cancel the 2018 event. For many, this news is still filtering out as people begin to plan our Christmas calendars.

Whilst we acknowledge that Carols is not hosted by Council, we are calling on you to step in and save Christmas. Please support the Wyndham community to run a locally-led Carols.

Why is this important?

Carols by Candlelight at the Werribee Mansion is an annual tradition for the Wyndham community, the highlight of the Christmas calendar. Many members of the Wyndham community have grown up attending carols at the Mansion and now bring back their own families as adults. It is an important coming together of faiths and cultures in recognition of the spirit of the holiday season.

Unlike in other Melbourne municipalities, Wyndham Carols by Candlelight is not hosted by Council. Unfortunately, the organising committee who usually run Wyndham Carols have provided no reasoning for the cancellation, aside from citing "unforeseen circumstances". To recognise the significance of this event to the community, we are seeking that Council step in to save Christmas by facilitating a community-led Carols by Candlelight.


Reasons for signing

  • To support the community
  • I attended Carols at the Mansion every year as a child and have been looking forward to bringing my partner this year to share the magic of Christmas in my home town.
  • I'm also interested in singing carols!


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