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To: Leader of the Opposition, Peter Dutton MP

Say no to nuclear power in Queensland!

We call on Federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton and State Opposition Leader David Crisafulli to rule out building nuclear power plants in Queensland.

Particularly the nuclear plants flagged by the Liberal National Party for development at aging coal fired power stations in:
  • Callide, west of Gladstone
  • Tarong, north-west of Brisbane

Why is this important?

Nuclear power poses grave risks for Queensland that outweigh any potential benefits. It would strain our limited freshwater resources, compete with agriculture and communities for water access, and produce hazardous radioactive waste we lack facilities to safely manage long-term.

The threat of radioactive leaks or accidents could devastate our environment, contaminate food and water supplies, and cripple industries like tourism and fishing. 

If a Chernobyl-like accident were to happen at a Callide nuclear power plant, the exclusion zone would span the area between Biloela north to Rockhampton, south to Gladstone down to Agnes Waters on the coast, and back across to Biloela – making a significant chunk of Central Queensland uninhabitable.

Working people can’t afford the Liberal National Party’s nuclear pipe dream. It’s too expensive, too late, and too dangerous.
Queensland, Australia

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We're protesting next Saturday the 6th of July at 12:30PM to send Petter Dutton a message at the LNP State Convention in Brisbane. We need everyone there to make it a strong message! RSVP Link:

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