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To: Premier Daniel Andrews

Say NO to Selling VicRoads

We call on Premier Daniel Andrews to categorically rule out any kind of outsourcing, privatisation, or greater private sector involvement in VicRoads Registration and Licensing, and to guarantee VicRoads will remain exclusively in public hands.

Why is this important?

Treasurer Tim Pallas is investigating the sale or part-privatisation of VicRoads.

Bringing the private sector into VicRoads will mean job cuts, erosion of services, the closing down of regional offices, and risks to the security of our personal data and the integrity of our information.

And workers have seen too many times what happens to wages and conditions of those who keep their jobs when the private sector takes over the management of public services

This isn’t what anyone voted for when this Government was re-elected in 2018. Daniel Andrews acknowledged the failures of privatisation just last year, reflecting with the benefit of history on the problems caused by past sell-offs of public assets. We’re asking him to rein in his Treasurer and protect these workers and their communities.


Reasons for signing

  • Privatisation has been a disaster for everyone except the companies that end up 'owning' what had been public assets.
  • Why should we sell anything that the taxpayer has paid for? Private hands profiteering at a cost to users is not the go for Aust. NSW has sold off, outsourced, and closed most of the state owned sectors, as well as all heritage buildings. Wherever they can make a quick dollar LNP will capitalize on it. I don't think they put out for tender anymore but have a list of those interested.
  • Bloody liberals just wanna sell of the whole country till there is nothing left. If you sell off Vic roads, the toll fees will be sky high + unregulated.


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