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To: Mr Naoki Izumiya, CEO, Asahi Group

Send an SOS to Asahi

Support the local community that supports you: create 40 new secure permanent positions for the casual workers at your Albury-Wodonga factory

Why is this important?

A secure, permanent job in regional Australia means a lot. It means you can apply for a home loan, start a family, send the kids to university or just plan a holiday once in a while. A secure permanent job in regional Australia means you can put down roots and start planning a future. In fact, secure, permanent jobs are essential for regional communities to survive and flourish.

The Albury-Wodonga community embraced multi-national Asahi setting up a factory in their region three years ago. But now, over 50 % of workers at Asahi in Albury-Wodonga are still stuck in insecure casual work. Many of these casual workers have been loyal to Asahi for over two years. It is time for Asahi to show some loyalty back to these workers and to the Albury-Wodonga community by providing 40 workers with permanent jobs.

Workers at the Asahi factory in Albury-Wodonga are currently negotiating their new workplace agreement.
Casual workers at Asahi want to live with less stress and want to feel valued at work. That's why a key claim in negotiations is 40 new permanent jobs for casual workers at Asahi. You can support them by sending a letter to the Asahi Group CEO in Japan to help build support for these regional workers.

When casual workers were asked how a permanent job would improve their lives, they said: “I could apply for a home loan”, “start a family”, “put kids through university” or just “go on a family holiday”. A permanent job means you are “valued at work” and “less stressed” at home. Importantly, a permanent job will allow workers to put down roots and start planning a future in Albury-Wodonga.

Use this message to send your letter. You might want to personalise the letter; maybe you live in the region, or you have also experienced casual work, maybe you know one of the workers - there may be a number of reasons that this is important to you - add your own message and let Asahi headquarters know why they should ensure 40 new permanent jobs in Albury-Wodonga.

How it will be delivered

This message will be emailed to the CEO when you sign to support. NUW members across Victoria are also sending postcards to Japan calling for 40 new permanent jobs for workers in Wodonga.





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