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To: Dr Alan Mackenzie, Southport Sharks Club President

Southport Sharks support your staff!

President Mackenzie we implore you to support the staff at Southport Sharks club by committing to continue to pay penalty rates no matter what the recommendations of the Fair Work Commission are.

Why is this important?

Southport Sharks club prides itself on being a leader within the Queensland Clubs Industry, the same industry that is calling for the slashing of penalty rates.
Clubs Australia, the UNION for club employers, made a public submission to the Fair Work Commission calling for weekend and public holiday penalty rates to be slashed by up to half of the current rates. This could see employees’ lose up to $110 a week from their pay packets - a cut they can’t afford and don’t deserve.
Southport Sharks wants you to believe it’s a community club that cares about locals – sadly for the locals they hire that’s not the case.
Southport Sharks claims to be one of the largest and most successful Queensland clubs with over 50,000 members. Such a successful club can surely afford to stand up for its staff when their rights are under attack?!




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