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To: Shopping Centre Management

Staff car parking: #KeepItFree

Several shopping centres are not currently charging staff to park at work, either because they never have or because of a policy change during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SDA – the union for retail and fast food workers – has been campaigning for free and safe parking for 3 years, and now that parking is free at some centres we need to #KeepItFree.

Why is this important?

Most paid parking schemes have a free period of 2-3 hours, and then charge for every hour thereafter. This means that almost no customers pay for parking, but staff have to pay for every shift they work.

Full-time workers in shopping centres will have to pay hundreds of dollars per month if these shopping centres start charging for parking.

Sign the SDA’s petition to #KeepItFree!


Reasons for signing

  • it’s not fair.
  • It isn't fair to lose your minimum wage in parking fees. It already costs a lot of money to get to and from work every day, you should not be penalised even further if you need to park your car there. Not all workers have access to public transportation (that won't take hours out of their day).
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