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To: Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister

Stand up for the environment. Stand up for jobs.

Stand up for the environment. Stand up for jobs.

Make Government departments and agencies use 100% recycled paper

Why is this important?

Under a policy that had been in place for five years, all Federal government departments and agencies were required to start using 100% recycled paper this year. This policy was cancelled in the weeks before Tony Abbott was replaced as Prime Minister.

Over the last few years, Australian Paper have invested in new recycling technology that allows 100% recycled paper to be made locally in Australia. This policy decision will cost thousands of jobs, will be bad for the industry, and will be harmful to the environment.

We call on Malcolm Turnbull to reverse this decision and ensure all Government paper is 100% recycled.

Reasons for signing

  • job will be lost,,plus recycled paper is good for envirement
  • I signed because REFLEX continues to use old growth forests for paper production, and consumer pressure would work!
  • Let's hold this government accountable for ways to work toward saving our environment for the future of our children and grandchildren.


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