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To: The Hon Mark Bailey, Minister for Transport and Main Roads

Stop Invasive Testing in the Qld Rail Industry

We call on the Qld Minister for Transport and Main Roads to oppose urine testing in the Qld Rail Industry.

The Qld Palaszczuk Labor government must say invasive testing is not on, and this unfair scheme won't be introduced in Queensland.

Why is this important?

Shortly, the Qld Government is considering passing laws which would force urine testing on rail workers. Swab testing has worked fine for years.

The Rail Tram and Bus union opposes these changes because:

1. Urine Testing isn't about impairment - it goes way beyond that.
2. It's embarrassing for women especially, who are asked to provide samples on track and at the side of the road.
3. It's being introduced to save some of the worst employers in Australia a few dollars, according to the Regulator. Drug and alcohol testing should be about safety first - not saving money.

Failing a drug and alcohol test can mean steep fines and loss of employment to top it off. Urine testing means they can go weeks or even months back into your life in some cases.

It's grossly unfair and the Qld Government must oppose it.

Reasons for signing

  • I mean where will it stop Urine test today, next they will get the courts to uphold the invasive application of your personal data held on computer servers you access like they currently do in China to give you a "good employee score."
  • Why do a urine test it is high gean that go with it why not just do a swab test it is lot cleaner then a urine.
  • It’s indignant for anyone expected to provide a sample on the side of a road. Do they provide a mobile toilet? If I exposed myself in public that would be illegal!


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