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To: Dean of the Arts Faculty and University Council

Stop Late Submission Penalty Increasing to 10%

Sign the petition to stop the increase in late submission penalty. We must put pressure on the University Management and let them know that they can't get away with attack students learning conditions!

Why is this important?

Macquarie Students Against Uni Cuts have been informed by staff of the uni's plans to increase the late assignment penalty for Arts in Semester 2, an increase from a 2% to a 10% deduction per day! After countless cuts, restructures and sackings, the Macquarie's management are already looking for new ways to turn our university into a degree factory.

This is made worse considering the Liberals 2020 education bill, which states that any first year student who fails 50% of their courses will be kicked off HECS! The overwhelming majority of domestic students rely entirely on the HECS system to study, so many students would be kicked out of their studies for financial reasons.

Student life is already stressful, with most students having to balance their studies with part-time work. In the middle of a global pandemic and economic recession, this attack is absolutely shameful. Attacks such as these will hurt the people who are already the most disadvantaged, particularly LGBTI+ people, working class women, Indigenous Australians and other oppressed minorities.

Amy Lamont
MQ Students Against Uni Cuts



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