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To: Paul Tavatgis, CEO of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association

Stop ripping off charity fundraisers!

End illegal sham contracting in charity fundraising! Make sure the charity fundraising supply chain stops ripping off workers. Every worker deserves to gets their lawful pay and rights.

Why is this important?

Most charities contract with private companies to raise funds over the phone or face to face in the streets. Oftentimes, these private companies engage workers as sham contractors as a way of avoiding the legal responsibilities they owe to their employees. This means fundraising workers can end up working full-time hours while taking home nothing or next to nothing in pay at the end of a week. This isn’t fair.

The charities who engage these private fundraising companies have the power to fix this problem. They have the power to fix up their contracting chain and make sure their fundraising workers are paid legally.




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