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To: Premier Jeremy Rockliff & TasTAFE CEO Grant Dreher

Stop TasTAFE Scrapping Triennium Sick Leave!

TasTAFE have announced they plan to cease the Triennium Personal Leave Scheme.

This will have devastating impacts on TasTAFE’s longest serving workers who have transitioned across from the Tasmanian State Service.

Premier Rockliff needs to step in and keep his promise that TasTAFE workers will not be disadvantaged as a result of their forced transition from the State Service to the Fair Work system.

Why is this important?

TasTAFE workers need the Tasmanian community to stand with them to prevent further slashing of their conditions by TasTAFE Management. Join us in calling on Premier Rockliff to keep his promises.

Tasmania, Australia

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