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To: The President and Vice Chancellor of Flinders University Colin Stirling

Stop the Carpark Price Hikes

We are calling on the Flinders University President and Vice Chancellor Colin Stirling to:

● Stop the massive parking price hikes

● Implement a Concession rate for low-income earners and Health Care Card-holders

● Allocate a minimum of $50,000 worth of parking permits for students accessing financial assistance through FUSA Student Assist

● Allocate a minimum of $50,000 worth of financial assistance for students with disabilities who do not qualify for a South Australian disability parking permit

● Implement a fortnightly direct debit payment option for the annual and semester permits

● Increase Flinders Loop Bus services after-hours and outside semesters

● Fight to ensure an increase of regular and after-hours bus services to the University, especially to outer suburbs.

Why is this important?

As your FUSA Student Council, we fight for all students, especially those facing financial vulnerability.

Flinders University has announced a campus carparking price hike from $200 to $420 over three years.

This will unequally impact lower socio-economic students, students with disabilities, students with families, and all those already facing financial hardship due to the effects of COVID19.

These increases disincentivise student attendance on-campus, risking lower participation in both classes and community culture. Making parking unaffordable for many will also significantly jeopardise the safety of students, especially those forced to walk or take public transport after-dark.

Increasing parking fees to a cost that many simply can’t afford will inevitably hinder accessibility to higher education for those most affected by the pandemic. In the long-term, it will create a significant barrier for prospective students.

In addition to demanding the price hike is stopped, we’re also calling upon Flinders University to increase transport accessibility on campus that ensures the University is a place where we can all participate.

To guarantee that Flinders is a place that we can freely access, we need your support to stop the parking price hikes.



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