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To: SCC CEO Robyn Boyd

Stop staffing cuts at Southern Cross Care

Southern Cross Care are trying to sack over 170 Enrolled Nurses, Leisure and Lifestyle and Food Services workers across Tasmania.

My mother lives at a Southern Cross Care facility and relies on these workers for her daily care, just like hundreds of other Tasmanian families’ loved ones. I’m worried about the care she’ll receive if they’re allowed to get away with these cuts.

SCC are trying to justify these changes by blaming Federal Government reforms following the Aged Care Royal Commission. But families know that’s not true. It’s not about quality care, it’s about SCC’s bottom line. Their claims have even been publicly refuted by the Federal Aged Care Minister, Mark Butler, who has already intervened to urge SCC to reverse their decision.

But even Federal Government intervention has not been enough for SCC to see that they need to put families, residents, and workers first.

We need the community to call on the CEO and the Board to resign and make way for management that cares about older Tasmanians.

Let’s stand up for quality care, not corporate greed.

Why is this important?

From wound care, medication assistance to diabetes plans, Enrolled Nurses are essential for the health and safety of our loved ones in aged care.

Leisure and Lifestyle workers play a vital role in ensuring older residents have dignity and purpose in their daily lives. They do it all, from outings for meals to co-ordinating the bingo or footy tipping, and running activities in arts, crafts, and music – all the stuff that makes aged care lively and rewarding for our loved ones.

Food Services workers do a special and essential job. They make sure all residents get three nutritious meals a day, along with morning and afternoon tea. Lack of a nutrition in diet is already a huge issue in aged care. With these roles already stretched thin, care staff who are expected to do even more work simply won't be able to deliver warm and decent meals and drinks.

As a family member I am deeply concerned about what my mother’s care could look like without these workers at SCC.

The CEO and the Board should be ashamed.

They must resign.

Please sign our petition to send a strong message of support to residents, families, and workers alike.





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