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To: Australian Government

Stop the LANTITE: It’s holding our degrees!!

When it comes to me thinking about the LANTITE that was introduced by the Australian Government in 2016, it makes me think about the lack of injustice and fairness that other people and myself who have dreamed of becoming a teacher from a young age, have to face something that crashes our dreams! Thinking about this situation, how students can only sit it “3 TIMES” is enabling people to develop mental health issues that impacts on their overall anxiety and possibly leading to death. In this pandemic situation, especially where all the uni work is online it is unbelievable to put extra pressure on the student and large debts where students walk out with no degree?!

Why is this important?

Many people believe that these test results DO NOT represent our ability to teach, in education there are far more important factors to be an effective teacher such as behaviour management, relationship building, resilience, organisation, passion, judgments and drive. There are also flaws in this test. With the majority of questions being multiple choice it has been heard of that students will sit it for 30 minutes, guess the answers then receive their results to find that they have passed. Whereas students and myself who have achieved HDs in their assessments, and have passed exams, may fail this test. Therefore achieving nothing and leading to a low sense of worth!


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