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To: Ixom management and their parent company, Blackstone

Stop the Lockout

IXOM management need to end this ridiculous lockout and put safety ahead of profits.

Why is this important?

Why would a company lock out its workforce for trying to maintain their working conditions?

Well, that's what’s happened last week on Friday, 25 May at 12.01am when IXOM locked out its workers in response to their protected industrial action.

IXOM is a Major Hazard Chemical Facility based in Botany Sydney. We are alarmed at IXOM’s actions and concerned as to how IXOM is manning the Major Hazard Facility since it has locked out its whole workforce. This is especially worrying as IXOM is surrounded by residential housing, schools and hospitals, which could be devastated by any major event at the facility.

A community protest will be taking place outside Ixom's facility at 118-120 Denison St, Hillsdale NSW 2036 from 11am-5pm on Tuesday 29 May 2018. Activists will be stationed along the public walkway.

Sign to support these workers and our community's safety.



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