Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
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    Created by Louise Dillon
  • McCormick: Treat your workers with respect!
    After almost six weeks on strike, United Workers Union members at McCormick voted to accept a new offer from the company. For five years McCormick has worked to slash hard-won conditions and offered a 0% pay rise. After almost six weeks on strike, McCormick workers have managed to retain all the conditions and won a fair pay rise. The offer includes: - Retaining ALL previous conditions the company wanted to remove including the 4 day week roster - 9% pay rise across 3 years - $5000 sign on bonus From the start, workers knew this was bigger than just one site. This has been a fight for respect for all essential workers who toiled through the pandemic, while their companies made massive profits, only to be told that there was no money for a pay rise and that workers had to accept what they were given. But McCormick workers drew a line in the sand and said enough is enough. This win has shown that when workers stand united, they can win! Thank you to the more than 1250 people who donated, to the unions who supported workers on the ground and anyone who attended the strike or took action to support these workers! We are a mighty movement!
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    Created by McCormick's employees
  • We need a Sex Discrimination Commissioner now!
    After a lengthy delay the Federal Government has finally appointed a Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner. Over 200 people signed our petition calling for the urgent filling of this position given the obvious need to tackle sexism at work. Current VEOHRC Commissioner Kate Jenkins has been appointed to the role. Ms Jenkins has a strong background in the area of employment law and in investigating the impact of sexism at work including chairing the Independent Review into sex discrimination and sexual harassment, including predatory behaviour, within Victoria Police; establishing the Victorian-based Male Champions of Change program and the upcoming review into equity and gender within the MFB and CFA. There has been a history of appointing women from diverse backgrounds to this role, all of whom have done an excellent job in raising issues of systemic discrimination that impact on the human rights of women. There is a lot to be done! We look forward to raising the concerns of Victorian working women with Ms Jenkins when she takes up the role.
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    Created by We Are Union Women Picture
  • Start paying your staff their JobKeeper subsidy NOW!
    Thousands of casino workers have been indefinitely stood down from their jobs since the Government-enforced closures of casinos were implemented. These workers have been left without a source of income and are worried about how they'll pay for groceries, bills and rent. Some workers have already gone weeks without pay, and need access to money immediately in order to survive.
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    Created by Casino Union Members
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    Created by Independent Education Union Qld & NT
  • Condemn Joe's Shoe Store
    Over the last few days thousands of Hospo Voice members and supporters have piled the pressure on Joes Shoe Store over its treatment of staff. Following this pressure management at Joe’s urgently requested a meeting to seek to resolve the issues contained in Alfonso’s petition. Management has agreed to meet with Hospo Voice leaders, and allow us to review employee payslips. They have agreed to resolve any issues we uncover. Joe's has also agreed to resolve Alfonso's concerns about being underpaid wages and superannuation, and Hospo Voice leaders will meet with Joe's to ensure they comply. Congratulations to Alfonso and everyone who stood with him. This is the power of hospo workers when we stand together in a union. Join Hospo Voice:
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    Created by Alfonso Elizondo
  • Nazis are cooked - Don't stock Pete Evans
    Over 6000 people signed this petition calling on Kmart, Target, Big W, Dymocks and David Jones to stop stocking Pete Evans books by Christmas. Thanks to you and so many others taking a stand, he’s now been dropped by those retailers, by his publisher, by Coles and Woolworths, he’s been axed from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, and his homewares have been pulled from most stores. Safe to say, the community has sent a strong message about their expectations.
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    Created by Hill Kuttner and Austin Fabry-Jenkins
  • #LetHerSpeak: Amend the laws which prevent sexual assault survivors from telling their story
    In August 2019, having won a court order with direct legal support provided by the #LetHerSpeak campaign, Jane Doe was finally able to reveal her real identity as Grace Tame. Since then multiple other rape survivors in Tasmania and the Northern Territory have won court orders with legal support provided through the campaign. In April 2020 the Tasmanian victim gag law (Section 194K of the Evidence Act) was overhauled, in direct response to the #LetHerSpeak campaign and this petition. In July 2020 the Northern Territory victim gag law (the Sexual Offences Evidence and Procedure Act) was also reformed in response to the campaign. Tasmanian and NT survivors are now able to self identify in media provided they are over 18, consent to be named in writing, do not reveal another victim's identity, and all proceedings are completed. In August 2020, the #LetHerSpeak campaign creator, Nina Funnell, and partner organisations revealed that Victoria had recently introduced its own separate victim gag-law prohibiting many rape and sexual assault survivors from self-identifying in media. Nina and the partners have launched a sibling campaign, #LetUsSpeak, to challenge the Victorian legislation. To learn more about that campaign or donate visit:
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    Created by Nina Funnell
  • Stop NECA's proposed changes to the Electrical Contracting Award (MA000025)
    NECA have withdrawn their proposed changes to the award. Thanks to you all for signing, sharing, and spreading this petition around. This wouldn't have been possible without you and your support. It's this type of swift collective activism from ETU members and non members alike that has made this possible in such a short time. We have won this round, but I'm sure there will be further attacks on our industry. Stay staunch, stay vigilant. Join your union.
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    Created by Ash Bamford
  • Channel Nine: cancel Pauline Hanson Now
    YOU DID THIS 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 We've been campaigning for months to cancel Sam Newman and Pauline Hanson from Channel 9 and kick them off the air, and our movement has WON!!! Now we're coming after NewsCorp. Take the #HateIsNotNews pledge with us ---> For too long Rupert Murdoch has used his media platforms like The Australian and Sky News to spread racism and hate speech. Andrew Bolt, get ready to be cancelled next. ❌
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    Created by Neha Madhok