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To: The Victorian Government

End the silence - end the misuse of NDAs!

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), often referred to as confidentiality agreements, are used frequently in the settlement of workplace sexual harassment cases.

The State Government needs to legislate to restrict the use of non-disclosure agreements to ensure victim-survivors are empowered to speak out.

Why is this important?

NDAs protect employers from accountability and release them from their obligations to address systems of work that allow sexual harassment to occur, enabling repeat offenders to continue and preventing workers from talking about their experiences.

Victim-survivors, predominantly women, are disempowered by being forced to stay silent. To end sexual harassment at work, we need to end the silence and hold employers accountable.

We need legislation to restrict the use of NDAs. They should only be used when requested by victim-survivors to protect their own confidentiality and victim-survivors should be allowed to decide to speak out later.
Victoria, Australia

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