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To: Premier Dominic Perrottet

Support Norco Workers

The jobs of more than 200 workers at Norco's Lismore ice cream factory are at risk.

Norco has informed workers that they'll be stood down from July 15. The company has made this decision because they don’t have the financial support and certainty from government that’s required for them to rebuild the factory or relocate it to higher ground.

The state government must do everything it can to save these workers’ jobs. Lismore has been devastated and losing a major employer will be a huge blow for the community. These workers and their families deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Why is this important?

We need to let the Premier know that he can’t abandon Norco workers and the Lismore community. If these jobs are lost, the whole community will be impacted - the government has to step in.

Norco workers need the support of the wider community, to show them they’re not alone in this struggle.

Add your signature today and tell the Premier it’s time to step up and support Norco workers.

New South Wales, Australia

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