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To: NSW State Government

Support NSW Trucking Laws

We call on the NSW State Government to stand up for small business owner-drivers by supporting existing trucking laws that protect their jobs and provide sustainable rates across the transport industry.

Furthermore, we also call on the NSW State Government to ensure all payments to small business owner drivers and the transport operators that engage owner drivers are made within 30 days and that wealthy clients are finally held accountable for rates and conditions in the transport industry.

Why is this important?

Trucking laws in NSW, known as 'Chapter 6', have been in operation since 1984 to ensure owner drivers and contractors are supported by minimum conditions that provide for cost recovery and basic safety standards.

Not only must these conditions be preserved, but they should be extended to support 30-day payments so these small trucking businesses can maintain cash flow, and help hold powerful industry clients to account for rates and conditions in the transport industry.


Reasons for signing

  • I have owned my own equipment, unsustainable rates forced me to sell up and drive other peoples equipment for the past 9 years, you lose your integrity and control of your destiny
  • All workers in the supply chain of goods and services need pay rates and conditions that are sustainable and safe. If drivers are not paid enough then businesses go to the wall through the greed of big companies who make profit without regard for those who support their bottom line. Our transport industry workers also need conditions that are safe. WE CANNOT RETURN TO THE TRUCK ACCIDENT RATES AND TRUCK DRIVER DEATHS OF THE 1990s
  • No wonder no young people are taking up a job as a heavy vehicle operator. companies and grubby small time mobs always looking to exploit the hardest working group of workers you will find in a long days march. Lets have a real look at what the top end does for their 6 and 7 figure salaries. The people in this industry have very little spare time or can't afford to take time out, and should be on double the money and 40% less hours. we are be killed by overwork and greedy barstards.


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