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To: Gladys Berejiklian

Support NSW workers to get tested without losing pay!

NSW workers won support payments to get tested for COVID-19 and isolate. Congratulations to everyone who took action!

All of New South Wales needs a COVID-19 Test and Isolate Support Payment!

This week the LNP New South Wales government introduced a COVID-19 Test and Isolate support payment - because workers took action.

The payment provides $320 for workers awaiting a test result but is restricted to certain areas, despite a snap statewide lockdown, and requires you tick off a list of criteria.

In its current form, many workers will still be forced to choose between their livelihoods and the health and safety of the community.

Why is this important?

Subsequent lockdowns and outbreaks have seen many workers exhaust their leave entitlements and what little they had savings. Workers are being forced to choose between their livelihoods and the health and safety of the community.

As we continue to face down this pandemic, workers need to be supported in keeping the community safe - this means being able to get tested, self-isolate and still pay the bills.

Sign the petition and tell Premier Gladys Berejiklian: To get through this crisis, EVERY WORKER must be able to get tested and isolate without the worry of losing their livelihoods and making ends meet.

Not doing so risks the entire community’s health and shirks the government's responsibility to look after the wellbeing of all during an unprecedented pandemic.

To help ensure all of us can follow public health advice and stay safe during this crisis, sign the petition now.

*Wording has been updated with details of the new payment and the recent statewide lockdown.




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