To: INPEX Management

Tell INPEX to stop bringing in foreign workers when there are local Australians ready to do the job.

INPEX is multi-national oil and gas company that is bringing in foreign workers when there are plenty of local Australians ready to do the job. We don’t think that’s fair, and we won’t stand for it.

We’ve heard from countless local Aussies who are qualified oil and gas operators and are ready to work. These Aussies are actively searching for work and are ready to take on the job – even if that means moving across the country.

If there are plenty of skilled workers ready to work in oil and gas, why would you look elsewhere?

This year, INPEX applied to bring in foreign workers to work on their offshore LNG facility. INPEX say that tried looking locally, but couldn’t find people for the job. Well, we’ve got plenty of local workers willing to do the work.

We want INPEX to put Australians first, and stop their plans to bring in foreign workers to extract and sell Australia’s gas. Help us get the message across.

Why is this important?

We can’t let major oil and gas companies rob Australians of local jobs! When there are local candidates who are ready to work, we can’t let big companies bring in cheap foreign labour to work on major Australian resource projects. If we don’t stop multi-national companies like INPEX, Australian people will struggle to find work, and big oil and gas companies can take a larger share of profits from our resources!

We won’t stand for it. We're currently campaigning to protect our industry, and make sure that Australian jobs are offered to Australians first.

Reasons for signing

  • I know of aussies personally who are qualified ,capable and are looking for work in the industry
  • Australian Workers MUST ALWAYS come first !
  • Ausse jobs for Aussies


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