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To: Peter Dutton

Tell Peter Dutton to immediately reject INPEX's application to bring in foreign workers

Australian Workers Union

INPEX is multinational oil and gas company based in Darwin. It is has applied to the Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, to authorise a labour agreement so it can bring in foreign workers to fill a range of new positions.

But we know, for a fact, there are plenty of Australians who are qualified and keen to do the job.

If we don’t stop multi-national companies like INPEX, Australian people will struggle to find work, and big oil and gas companies can take a larger share of profits from our resources!

Why is this important?

We’ve heard from over a hundred qualified, Australian oil and gas operators who would be ready to take these jobs at INPEX, even if they had to move across the country.

If INPEX wants to extract and sell Australia's gas, it should be employing Australians to do so.

Peter Dutton claims he is committed to sticking up for Australian jobs. Well, here's the test.

Peter Dutton, announce you will reject INPEX's application to bring in foreign workers when there are Australians who want the jobs.

Australian jobs must be offered to Australians first





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