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To: NECA CEO Oliver Judd

Tell NECA CEO Oliver Judd to support apprentice wage rises!

NECA CEO Oliver Judd needs to support apprentice wage rises

Why is this important?

NECA CEO Oliver Judd is opposing wage rises for low-paid electrical apprentices.

Judd, a former corporate lawyer, wants to block increases for hundreds of apprentices employed by Electro Group Training in NSW and the ACT.

The ETU has negotiated an enterprise agreement that will deliver modest improvements to wages and conditions for our NSW and ACT members at group trainer Electro Group.

These apprentices have previously been subject to basic award conditions.

NECA is not a party to the EBA, in fact NECA group training is the main competitor to Electro Group.

Yet despite this, Judd has asked the Fair Work Commission to block registration of the Electro Group EBA.

The NECA CEO, who was paid over $250,000 in 2020, seeks to stop apprentices benefiting from a union EBA they spent months negotiating.

ETU members at Electro Group fought hard to get their union EBA.

If Judd gets his way, Electro Group apprentices will be stuck on some of the lowest wages paid to any group of Australian workers.




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