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To: Utilities Management Pty Ltd

Tell SAPN and Enerven to listen to SA Power Workers


Rob Stobbe
SA Power Networks

Dear Mr. Stobbe,
You and Utilities Management Pty Ltd have turned your back on SA Power Workers.
You have decided to cease negotiations, stop listening and are refusing to engage with the SA Power Workers representatives.
Your company has opposed workers exercising their rights to bargain for a new agreement every step of the way.
SA Power workers have a right to replace their expired agreement and you have a responsibility to listen to them.
We ask that you take steps to rectify this situation and get back to bargaining to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome for workers.
Yours Sincerely,
SA Power Workers and Supporters.

Why is this important?

The hard work and dedication of SA Power Networks employees has made SA Power Networks the most efficient distribution business in Australia and in 2020, a year of unprecedented disruption, delivered the company a $129.6M nett profit after tax.
SA Power workers workers keep the electricity on to homes and businesses across South Australia in the face of storms and bushfires.
SA Power Workers deserve a fair go. They deserve to have a say in their terms and conditions of employment and should have a right to negotiate with their employer just like the CEO, Rob Stobbe does.

How it will be delivered

We will attempt to deliver the petition in person to SA Power Networks CEO Rob Stobbe





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