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To: NSW Government

The Public Sector Needs a Pay Rise

The NSW Public Sector has provided the people of NSW with critical security and support during the catastrophic bushfires, a global pandemic and the worst floods in recorded history. Despite this, the NSW Government continues to impose a wages cap through its unfair and unjust workplace laws.

The NSW Government’s wages policy has to go.

The undersigned demand the Premier, Mr Perrottet, provides all Public Sector workers with a minimum wage increase of 5.2 per cent, exclusive of any increase to superannuation, and provides for the payment of superannuation on the unpaid portion of the first 12 months of parental leave for our members.

Why is this important?

The NSW Government has the power to change Section 146C of the NSW Industrial Relations Act and end the wages policy that restricts your pay and superannuation increases up to 2.5 per cent. This is a policy that condemns Public Sector workers to falling wages as the cost of living goes up.

By cutting your real wages, this destructive policy reduces your discretionary spending, pulling money from local businesses at a time when the NSW is trying to rebuild after two tumultuous years.

By signing our petition, you are letting MPs know a wages policy that effectively cuts your wages and damages local economies must go.
New South Wales, Australia

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