To: Airlines and Airport Companies

Third World Conditions Exposed at Australia's Airports

Airports and airlines have a responsibility to vet companies, like Aerocare, that they contract to undertake services on their behalf.

Aviation workers contribute to the huge profits airlines and airports are reporting and deserve better than to sleep rough next to baggage carousels and live below the poverty line.

Airlines and airports should ensure all contractors operating on their behalf are paying and treating their workers fairly.

Why is this important?

ABC's 7.30 exposed the atrocious conditions workers are confronted with at Aerocare.

Aerocare is just one of the many companies that operate in Australia's airports contracted by all of the major airlines.

If the kind of behaviours that were exposed on last night's 7.30 are tolerated, it doesn't bode well for all workers across the country.

Aviation workers deserve a living wage and acceptable conditions.

The Transport Workers' Union will continue to fight for aviation workers.

Reasons for signing

  • Australian workers deserve better than this !
  • Bossy boots Joyce is laughing at exploited workers who deserve respect and solidarity instead.
  • it wrong and not health for them


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