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To: Your Federal MP.

Pollies give Truckies a break!

Support the truck drivers of Australia by sending this letter demanding Federal MPs to reverse the ATO's decision to slash the amount drivers can claim for reasonable travel expenses on their overnight allowances by 43%.

Please forward this petition to friends and family to get them to support our truckies.

As a small business/truck-stop owner, you can also download a copy of the relevant letter and send it to your MP and stand up for long distance driver’s entitlements. Available at the Campaign Website link below

Please make sure you fill in your occupation and your postcode so we know who your MP is.

Why is this important?

The truck driver's meal allowance was one of the few breaks left for the transport industry.

With a recent determination by the ATO the amount long-distance drivers can claim for reasonable travel expenses have been SLASHED.
As of July 1, 2017, drivers will have 43% less in their overnight allowance, before they NEED to be able to show proof of their purchases.

Life out on the road means drivers purchase up to 3 meals a day.
This reduction may have drivers skipping meal breaks which will add to fatigue, increase stress and health issues from not eating correctly.

This move by the Australian Tax Office has the potential of heaping more pressure on transport operators and drivers, who are already operating under tight margins.
As well as the added pressure of having to keep a track of their receipts on top of the amount of paperwork already required from a truck driver.

ALL road users should be particularly concerned with increasing stress and pressures for truckies as it amplifies the danger on the road.

What is worse is that this decision was made without any prior discussion or consultation from stakeholder groups that this decision effects.
This includes truck drivers, small business/ truck-stop operators and transport employers.

This decision shows just how out of touch the Australian Tax Office has with the working people of this country.

Show your MP that you stand with truck drivers and sign and share the letter today.

How it will be delivered

Your letter to your Federal MP will be emailed directly each day.




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