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To: Senator David Leyonhjelm

Union women demand an end to misogyny

We call on Senator David Leyonhjelm to apologize to Senator Sarah Hanson Young, withdraw the sexist, slut shaming comments he made in the Australian Parliament in a debate about women's safety, refund all monies donated to his Go Fund Me account, and delete all sexist and misogynistic comments from his Facebook page.

We also call on Senator Leyonhjelm to recognize the harm that sexism and misogyny causes girls and women in Australia and to commit to more respectful behavior towards women, both in and out of Parliament.

Why is this important?

Family and gendered violence exists in a culture of disrespect for women. Sexist language, locker room 'banter', sexist 'jokes', and slut shaming are some of the more common behaviors that underpin the culture of disrespect that allows rape and sexual assault of women, and family and gendered violence, including murder to occur.

In a country where one woman a week on average is killed by a current or previous partner, it is imperative that the elected representatives of the Australian Parliament reflect the views of the majority of the Australian public, who believe in an equal, fair and just society.



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