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To: The University of Melbourne


After weeks of advocating for student voices, the University has finally changed its position on WAM.

Last week we presented our petition to the University which had over 13,600 signatures. This outcome is the direct result of student voices.

There is power in a union. UMSU will never stop standing up for students.


The University of Melbourne doesn’t think that this semester will have a major impact on our WAMs, so UMSU needs your help to prove them wrong. Students are at a disadvantage, so it’s time for the University to stand up and do what’s right for students. Sign our petition to let the University know how you feel.

Students are stronger when they stand together.

Why is this important?

UMSU has endorsed the system put in place at Adelaide University where students can see their results and then elect to have a passing grade converted to a non-graded pass which will not count for their WAM. Fails will become withdrawals – again not included in WAM calculations, and results pending can be used when components of courses are postponed to subsequent teaching period.

This means that students have a safety net to prevent fails due to extreme circumstances, while maintaining the option of counting good results to their WAM.




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Petition is successful with 13,630 signatures

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