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To: The University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne: Protect our WAMs — this is not business as usual.

In Semester 1, over 13,600 students signed UMSU’s petition for a no disadvantage WAM system at the University. As a direct result of this, the University changed its position and we won a system that was fairer for students.

We need your help again. Despite the declaration of a State of Disaster the University has still not made a decision about extending the WAM amnesty into Semester 2, and for winter subjects and year-long subjects, completely ignoring the situation that students are in. As the COVID-19 situation worsens in Australia around the globe, the University needs to understand that this is not business as usual. Students are under immense amounts of pressure, as well as learning in less than ideal conditions online. The University needs to act – and it needs to act now.

Why is this important?

We need to show the University that our voices are important. Sign the petition, and join the fight.




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10,000 signatures reached

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