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To: Premier Daniel Andrews and Opposition Leader Matthew Guy

Victorian schools need 1600 new teachers every year.

Despite four years of greater investment by the Andrews Government, Victorian public school students are the lowest funded in Australia – $1589 behind the national average. There are too many students who need additional support missing out.

Our public schools educate the highest number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. All students deserve individual learning support in the classroom so they can thrive.

Victorian schools need 1600 extra teachers every year.

Why is this important?

More teachers means more literacy and numeracy support, help for those students with learning difficulties and providing extension work for children and young people who need it. It also means teachers would have more time to plan and prepare to support the learning of every student.

Together we can send a strong message to the major political parties ahead of the November state election to make sure they commit to funding 1600 additional teachers every year to give every Victorian child the quality education they deserve.





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