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To: Victorian Government

Affordable housing now! Increase tax on vacant properties.

All Victorians deserve safe, affordable, and secure housing - but right now, renters are bearing the brunt of this cost of living crisis. Many renters are copping rental increases of up to hundreds of dollars a month.

The short supply of rental properties means renters are being forced to put up with price-gouging, landlords who refuse to fix serious rental property issues, and invasive questioning from real estate agencies & property managers. We're even afraid to enforce our basic rights as renters - in case estate agents "blacklist" us and prevent us ever finding another place to live.

The bottom line is, we need more properties available to renters. To increase the affordability and supply of housing, the State Government should increase the tax on vacant properties. The government should limit rent increases during a tenancy to stop gouging, and restrict excessive lease-breaking fees so that renters have more options. They should also create a Residential Tenancies Ombudsman who can penalise landlords who don't meet their obligations, so that tenants can feel empowered to enforce their rights.

Why is this important?

Renters shouldn't be left at the mercy of landlords gouging them when lease renewal time comes up. The Victorian government must take further steps to ensure tenants aren't subjected to unfair rent increases, and that renters have the power to exercise their tenancy rights.

Owning property is not a service to the community and it's not a job. Renters don't owe landlords a profit on their investment - but we are owed reasonable standards for the rent we pay! Landlords must stop treating renters like a cash piñata. We deserve affordable, quality housing.

Victoria, Australia

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