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To: Martin Zakharov, Mayor of Maribyrnong Council

Vote No to outsource aged care

Your Councillors at Maribyrnong City Council will decide on sub-contracting aged care next Tuesday.

Tell your Councillors not to outsource aged care now!

Council’s quality and front-line service for our elderly residents delays and prevents entry into residential aged care. Why put good services that serve the community well and have high customer service satisfaction ratings at risk?

Privatisation of home support services will result in poorer outcomes for older community members. Protect council care and let your Councillors know how you feel about their decision to outsource care by sending them an email here >>>

Why is this important?

Council aged care services are trusted and well- loved achieving high customer satisfaction ratings.

With a federal election imminent and a Royal Commission into aged care underway it is a bad time to consider outsourcing. Why make the decision now?
There has been little if any consultation with the community.

Council’s commitment to care and its accountability to the community will never be replaced. Ensure our elder’s dignity and capacity to stay in their homes.

Please vote to maintain our aged care services in Council.



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