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To: You have the power to make a difference by voting No and emailing Council at to oppose the proposed parking restrictions on Charles Street and Charles Lane.

Vote No to Parking Restrictions on Charles Street, Unley

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Jay Nin
Vote No to Parking Restrictions on Charles Street, Unley

We are local residents living in Charles street. We need your help to Vote NO and stop the proposed parking restrictions on Charles Street and Charles Lane. The proposed parking restrictions will require a $40 parking permit for each of your household's vehicles every 2 years for residents only.

Most dwellings on Charles Street only have limited access to 1 off-street car park and do rely heavily on the on-street parking for daily use. The proposed parking restrictions will limit your flexibility and use of the street.

Your visiting friends and family, businesses, service contractors and are not eligible for the parking permits and will require to move their vehicle every couple of hours.

In addition to the petition, please submit your feedback form to Council (which came in the mail) and email Council at to show your support of no parking restrictions. If Council do not receive our formal feedback by 24th September 2021 the proposed parking restrictions may be put in place permanently.

Timed parking means that cars will still park on the street but cause more vehicle traffic from more movements and congestion throughout the day. As well as, increasing congestion of nearby streets such as little Charles Street, Mary Street, Oak Avenue and Queen Street.

Residents on Charles street could pay up to $70,000 (over 10 years) in parking permits for their vehicles to Council if the restrictions are implemented.

Thank you for taking the time to show interested in this cause.

Why is this important?

Charles Street and Charles Lane already is a low speed and low traffic environment and supports mixed-use activity such as cycling and walking. We do not need changes to the parking limits or restrictions on the street.

Charles St, Unley SA 5061, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because we have lived in Charles street for a number of years now and have no issues with parking our car on Charles street and prefer to have the flexibility for everyone. Putting in parking restrictions will not change the width of the street or people parking on it. It will actually cause more congestion of people needing to move their cars every couple of hours.
  • My partners work is on that street and they don't have staff parking. Is he meant to park 2 blocks away? And what if everyone decides to do that and then we have the same issue again.


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