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To: RMIT Vice Chancellor

Vote of No Confidence in RMIT Vice Chancellor

We call upon VC Cameron to:
• Agree to a wage increase that reflects the cost of living, the workloads and the efforts of staff at RMIT
• Provide secure jobs for current RMIT casual teaching and academic employees;
• Include a numeric target for 206 FET Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employees;
• Respect the right to 17% super for all fixed term and continuing RMIT staff;
• Agree to equality of conditions for redundancy and disciplinary procedures for Higher Education and Vocational Education staff.

Why is this important?

NTEU members at RMIT have lost confidence in Vice Chancellor, Alec Cameron and in his ability to administer his role and responsibilities in accordance with the interests of staff at RMIT through the enterprise bargaining process.

Under the stewardship of Alec Cameron and Mish Eastman, DVC vocational education, RMIT management have employed aggressive and unprecedented tactics such as non-union ballots and using the provisions of the Fair Work Act in an attempt to thwart the bargaining process and silence the voice of staff, the NTEU and RMIT students.

How it will be delivered

Email and Text messages.

124 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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