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To: Louise Staley, Liberal MP for Ripon

Send a message to Louise Staley - make wage theft a crime

We need wage theft laws now!

In recent weeks Louise Staley has sent a letter out to local businesses outlining all the reasons that she hates wage theft laws. She needs to change her mind and support local workers - the very workers who are having their wages stolen. The more people who sign this petition, the more she has to listen. Wage theft hurts ordinary people and damages local communities.

Louise Staley, if you are serious about upholding the law, make wage theft a criminal offence and introduce much bigger fines. We need to hold companies to account for their theft.

Why is this important?

Stealing is wrong. Yet every year thousands of workers in regional Victoria are robbed. They are victims of wage theft.

Wage theft is when companies deliberately underpay workers or refuse to pay superannuation. If workers stole from the till, we could go to jail. But if bosses steal from us, all they have to do is pay it back, if they’re ever caught. How is that fair?

The rules are broken. The current laws make wage theft too easy and the punishment is too light. It’s now so common it’s become a business model. Business owners right now are getting rich by stealing from their staff. WE NEED TO CHANGE THE RULES

Louise Staley, the Andrews Labor Government has committed to make wage theft a crime, will you?



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