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To: Tuftmaster Carpets

We support workers at Tuftmaster Carpets

Over the last two years, the loyal and hardworking people who make Tuftmaster Carpets have done everything they could to keep the company going. Now, to say thank you, the company is taking legal action to strip them of entitlements by terminating their union agreement. They deserve better.

Why is this important?

When a company strips workers of conditions, it's not just those workers who suffer.

Tuftmaster Carpets are trying to terminate a union agreement that limits the amount of casuals that are used by the company. If they get away with it, they'll be able to replace secure jobs with casual ones. It means the company could cut all of the conditions and wage increases workers have bargained for over decades.

When secure jobs disappear, they don't come back. Help us tell Tuftmaster to support job security.



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