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To: Woolworths Limited

Woolies: Unsafe and Unfair Pick Rates are not okay!

This campaign has ended.

We, the workers at Woolworths PRDC call on you to meet immediately with our UWU representatives and officials to discuss the standards under the JDA. We want a thorough investigation of and the re-running of the standards across all sections in Ambient, Chiller, Freezer and Produce.

Why is this important?

The standards under the JDA are putting mental and physical strain on workers. Workers are being held to impossible standards, they are pressured to perform at a rate that comprimises worker safety.

The pick rate reports are irregular, we have members saying they have worked to the same standard and the report shows rates of 100% one day, 60% the next. We have heard reports of managers telling workers to consistently pick at 110% and "it will be okay".

This is not good enough.


Reasons for signing

  • There are huge delays between picks. Workers shouldn't have to make up for that by rushing. The system should be responsive
  • Because red Army is the best and the fight for you not against you
  • Management going against WW core beliefs of "going home safely" We are the ones working hard and there duty of care is 0 to us, just get over 100%.... What's the SDA done? Nothing but sell workers rights and protection away from us.


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