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To: Mr Brent Baxter, Director of Baxter Laboratories

Workers at Baxter Laboratories are getting burned!

1. Put a fair pay increase on the negotiating table
2. Meet directly with NUW members and organisers to ensure a swift resolution to this dispute

Why is this important?

Baxter Laboratories in Boronia manufactures sun and skin care products for some of Australia’s best known brands such as Coles, the Cancer Council, Dermaveen and Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment.

Workers at Baxter Laboratories want a living wage.

NUW members are fighting for a fair pay offer and better working conditions. After 4 months of protracted negotiations, members took protected industrial action and stopped work for 24 hours on 11th October.

Like so many other hardworking Australians, workers at Baxter Laboratories are struggling to make ends meet because they are not paid a living wage. Meanwhile workers are being asked to work harder and faster.

To add insult to injury, Baxter Laboratories is withholding back pay on the grounds that the first offer that was put out to a vote was not accepted. Workers should be entitled to vote down unfair pay offers without being penalised for it.

Send Brent Baxter a message, that you buy sunscreen and you support workers being paid a living wage!



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