For Every Child

We are parents, carers, teachers, principals, school support personnel, and community members working together to get the politicians to deliver full funding for public schools.

Full funding is the only way to ensure that every child has every opportunity to succeed – now and in the future.

The needs of our children are growing, but the funding from governments hasn’t kept up.

Principals and teachers are delivering a great education for students in our public schools, but they are being asked to do too much with too little.

Workloads are unsustainable and more and more teachers are leaving the profession early, worsening the teacher shortage.

Investing more in public schools is an investment in our teachers and our children. It will expand the opportunities children have to learn and give teachers more time to focus on meeting the needs of every child.

Why now?

In the next year, federal and state politicians will decide whether public schools will finally receive full funding.

Right now, 98% of public schools are resourced below the Schooling Resource Standard, which is the minimum amount governments have agreed they need.

Getting every public school to that Schooling Resource Standard by 2028 is our goal. We need your help to achieve it.

We need the Federal Government to negotiate new agreements with every state and territory that will ensure public schools are fully funded by 2028 and the Albanese Government needs to show leadership and deliver a minimum of 25% of the public schools’ funding in every state and territory.