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To: ALL Victorian Private Health Employees


Victorian public health employees are set to receive a $3000 Healthcare Worker Winter Retention and Surge Payment from the Victorian Government.

Regrettably, this payment does not go to private hospital employees, private pathology employees or contracted-out employees working in public hospitals.

The Health Workers Union (HWU) wants to ensure that Victorian private health employees are not left behind! We are calling on all private health employers to immediately match the Victorian Government's $3000 payment offer.

Why is this important?

Health workers are the backbone of the Victorian health system during this COVID pandemic. They are overworked. Their workplaces are chronically understaffed. The hard work of Victoria's private health workers deserves to be recognised with a $3000 payment.

So let's send a strong message to ALL Victorian private health employers. Sign this HWU petition to voice your support for all private health workers to receive a $3000 Winter Surge and Retention Payment from their employer.

Victoria, Australia

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