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To: John Somerville, CEO of Slater and Gordon

A fair deal at Slater and Gordon

Australian Services Union (ASU)

This campaign has ended.

We’re calling on John Somerville and management at Slater and Gordon to return to the bargaining table with a meaningful pay rise for employees.

Australian Services Union members at Slater and Gordon have worked exceptionally hard throughout the pandemic. Members have gone above and beyond to make sure that their clients continued to receive high quality service.

The ASU have been negotiating with Slater and Gordon management since September 2020.

Despite these lengthy negotiations, management have continued to make outrageous pay offers, including:
• A wage freeze for lawyers across the life of the Agreement; and
• Locking in pay increases for support staff and law clerks well below predicted inflation rates.

Why is this important?

Cost of living keeps going up and it is getting harder to support our families, pay the bills that keep on rising and plan for the future.

Sign this petition to tell management that you deserve a fair pay increase.

Only by joining together through the Australian Services Union can we win the wage increases we need and deserve.

Forward this petition to a colleague – every Slater and Gordon team member who adds their voice builds momentum and makes it more likely to win a pay rise together.


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