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To: Christian Schools Australia

A fair deal for CSA teachers

Teachers employed in schools represented by Christian Schools Australia (CSA) want a fair deal. Christian School teachers’ pay is falling behind other sectors. CSA’s refusal to match government and Catholic pay rates threatens both the livelihoods of teachers in Christian schools and the future of Christian education. The pay differential means teachers are leaving Christian schools and new teachers won’t be attracted to Christian schools.

We call on Christian Schools Australia to improve their offer and provide a guarantee that pay rates will not fall behind NSW government and Catholic schools.

Why is this important?

In 2024, teacher pay rates in CSA schools are well below those in NSW government and Catholic schools, who received long awaited and much deserved pay increases in October 2023. CSA’s offer consists of modest pay increases and unwillingness to give assurance that rates will not fall behind rates in government and Catholic schools.

Due to the current cost of living crisis, and the lure of better pay and conditions in almost all other sectors, Christian school teachers are leaving the sector. CSA’s refusal to offer a fair deal has a direct negative effect on teachers and may pose a threat to Christian education.

“Christian Schools ought to be leaders in good industrial relations. Trade Unions were commenced by Christians who were outraged by the unethical treatment of workers. It was the followers of John Wesley in England who campaigned for the rights of workers to receive fair wages.” – Graham Leo (Theologian, Author and Christian School Principal)

In March 2024, teachers in CSA schools rejected the proposed offer. An overwhelming 92% outright rejected the offer in a survey run by the IEU.

This comment from one Christian teacher to the IEU speaks volumes:

‘It is not appropriate that teachers in CSA schools are paid less than our counterparts in other NSW schools. I am continually disappointed (and a little insulted) that our employers do not consider it important that we are paid and valued at the same level as teachers in other school systems. We should simply be paid an equal amount. By not paying us equally, we may well lose quality teachers to other systems, and may not attract quality new teaching staff, thus devaluing our own system. Please insist that CSA simply agrees to pay us as much as the other schools in our state. Thank you for all of your hard work’.

Join us in calling for a fair deal for CSA teachers! Sign and share the petition today.




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