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To: Arcare Aged Care management

Arcare nursing staff deserve a fair pay rise!

Arcare nurses and carers are some of the lowest paid in Queensland, earning around 20% less than their colleagues in Queensland Health (that’s despite Arcare being a large “for profit” company).

All they are seeking is a fair pay rise that keeps up with inflation.

But if management get their way, these nurses and carers will suffer a pay cut of at least 1.8% in real terms, given the significant rise in cost of living.

Why is this important?

These nurses and carers love caring for their residents, but they have been stretched to breaking point by heavy workloads, poor wages and tough working conditions. During the COVID-19 pandemic they have gone above and beyond to keep their residents safe, working double shifts of up to 16 hours, working through their lunch breaks, and often working short staffed.

We care about the quality of aged care in Queensland and we call on Arcare management to give their hard-working nurses and carers a fair pay rise.

Queensland, Australia

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