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To: Aurizon Board of Directors

Aurizon – Stick to your word, Keep Rocky Workshops Open!

To the Aurizon Board of Directors

We the undersigned declare that:

When Aurizon closed their Redbank & Townsville Workshops, they promised that the Rockhampton Workshops would become a hub that would operate for many years to come. Now they are going back on their word and shutting down the Rockhampton facility with no thought for the devastating impact it will have not only on their workers & their families, but on the community itself.

Why is this important?

The Rail Workshops in Rockhampton have provided life-long careers for generations, stimulating the regional economy and building a proud legacy in the community. When these jobs are taken out of the community and out sourced to contractors to save Aurizon a few dollars, entire families will be forced to relocate.

In their OWN Community Engagement Charter, Aurizon state their “Commitment to the principal of ZEROHarm in the communities Aurizon operates within.” They also talk about how they strive to "Foster supportive long-term positive relationships with the communities in which we operate" and that they "respectfully consider community feedback".

Aurizon have failed to meet their own standards & policy in how they have gone about closing these workshops.

Stick by your word, don’t desert our community and take vital jobs with you - Keep the Rockhampton Railway Workshops open like you promised!



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