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To: The Liberal Government

Ban banks from super

For too long, the big banks have taken customers for a ride with their dodgy practices, ripping us off to keep bloated executive salaries inflated.
But shockingly the Liberal Government wants to allow big banks to gain entry to our industry superannuation industry.

Our retirement savings are too important to risk putting in the hands of big banks.

Tell the Liberal Government to ban the banks from super.

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Why is this important?

Big banks can’t be trusted with workers’ money. Banks have been forced to refund or compensate their customers $480 million in the past two years.

They have engaged in reprehensible behavior that includes robbing the dead, deceiving the regulator, rigging markets, giving dodgy advice, forging documents and breaching laws that stop people laundering money and financing terrorism.

In contrast, our union-won industry superannuation is reputable and accountable to members, and it consistently delivers better returns for members than any bank super fund.

Industry super is strong. It’s the big banks that are broken. Big banks have no place in super and should be banned.


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